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micro Camera with Ring Lights and

Motorized Side-looking Mirror

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Worksheet for selecting options and configuring a micro GeoVISION™ system

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The micro GeoVISION Jr™, see pictures below, offers you a one person, portable, color video, borehole logging system.  Depending on the options used, such as dive lights and situational conditions such as the clarity of the water, one may view surfaces as much as ten feet from the camera.

micro GeoVISION JrTM Components Table

micro Jr Configuration

The color camera and housing weigh 1 1/2 pounds. It has a high-resolution image with 480 horizontal lines, CCD  (0.3 Lux) and all solid-state video camera with a 1/3 inch chip (NTSC video). The wide angle lens is 2.9 mm with a 90° fixed iris and f/1.8. Its circuitry is mounted inside a water-proof housing that is 1 1/8 inch out side diameter and 13 inches long. The stainless steel water-proof camera housing is pressure tested to 2,000 feet underwater (600 meters) which is the maximum underwater working depth. It operates in 1 1/2 inch (38 mm) to 24 inch (610 mm) boreholes.

All micro systems have the following features:

The motorized GeoVISIONTM  winch with tripod is equipped with a motor brake, slip rings, ball bearings. It is very durable and efficient to operate. The motor drive provides for smoother videos while lowering the camera. The power supply (120-240 vac 50 - 60 Hz) includes input power cord, 12 Volts DC input power jack, microphone-in jack, to winch power/signal modular jack, audio amp with speaker, OSD circuitry and audio/video input/output jack. Includes a 15 ft. modular cable from the power supply to winch. The adjustable centralizer made of CPVC plastic, nylon & stainless steel is attached above the camera. The cable safety support, owners manual, instruction video, tools and other small items are standard with each system. The operating temperature is 32°F (90 ° C) to 100° F (37° C).

The Deluxe carrying case includes accessory case.

The Camera Depth On Screen Display (OSD) will place the camera’s depth in feet or meters in any one of five locations on the video screen and will appear on the recorded video. The numeric display can be located in the center of the screen, in any one of the four corners, or not shown by pushing a button to cycle through these alternative locations. It is supplied with the footage counter encoder/wheel/clamp assembly. The OSD controls are incorporated in the control panel of the power supply control box. It has a count reset button on it and if you press the reset button for longer than 5 seconds the display will start counting up from zero until released. All necessary cables and instructions are included.


Selected Option Descriptions

Cable is available in lengths of 325, 650, 1000, 1650 or 2000 feet (100, 200, 300, 500, or 600 meters). – Three-conductor polyethylene jacketed  200 lb. test cable and a waterproof connector on the camera end.

7 Inch flat screen Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Color Monitor – Includes Sun shade - LCD Monitor or VCR Mounting Head on Winch

LCD Monitor  Mounting Head on Winch


A Motorized Side-Looking Mirror is available to provide a 360 degree side view of the bore walls in as small as 1 1/2" bores.  The elliptical mirror rotates in 30 degree steps with a 2 second stop at each step which provides a rotation free view at each step. The attachment can be positioned close to the camera lens for a large side-view window in the video frame or it can be slid away from the lens for a small side-view window allowing you to see farther down the bore. The attachment is equipped with a dual-bulb light source.  A 24 white LED ring-light is also provided for use in 3" to 12" bores. This light provides a more direct light source for looking into screens, voids and fractures. The 9 LED ring-light that comes with system can also be used with the motorized side-looking mirror attachment. A 'Y' power adapter is supplied so that both the motorized side-looking mirror and a ring-light can be powered at the same time. The motorized side-looking mirror attachment can be used on all previous micro cameras.

Out-front stainless steel  3 LED light with side-looking mirror.

Auxiliary dive light is intended for large bores and voids.

Cable protector mounts on the casing and provides a smooth surface for the cable to slide over and drop down into the center of the borehole. It is used in place of the OSD Encoder Wheel when the OSD is not being used.

Inverter 300  Watt - 12V to 115VAC 60Hz

Compass attachment - It mounts on ring-light head.

A dual dive light option is available for use in large diameter bores.  The attachment uses 2 dive lights that contain their own battery power source and can be used in conjunction with other light attachments.  The lights are rated at 500 foot pressure and will operate for approximately 4 hours on a fresh set of 4 AA alkaline batteries.  The attachment clamp holds both dive light and allows them to be positioned anywhere along the body of the camera. Holes may be drilled in the dive lights to allow them to be used at water depths of 2000 feet.

Microphone to place verbal comments on the recording

Shipping weight approximately 70 to 115 pounds depending on options. The micro Jr GeoVISION™ has a one year Limited Warranty on parts and labor. Specifications are subject to change without notification.

Select options and configure a micro GeoVISION™ system


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