GeoVISIONTM Deluxe Borehole Camera System Worksheet  

1. Select one cable length

2. Add one or more cameras

3. Add one or more monitors and recorders. Select none if you will supply your own.

4. Add any general optional components that you need or a Pan and Tilt attachment.


The Deluxe system with a stainless steel camera has a two year warranty. See the website for details. 2 December 2010


Motorized GeoVISION Winch with tripod, control panel, power supply (120-240 vac 50 - 60 Hz) Manual camera tilting mechanism, centralizer, owner’s manual, instruction video, and other parts listed in the owner’s manual. On Screen Depth Display – Includes casing mounted encoder wheel. It puts the depth of the camera in feet or meters on the screen and recording. Camera Lights On/Off circuit and center/side light sensitivity for the Standard SS camera. Deluxe carrying and shipping case included.


Depth Selection - Choose one cable length

325 feet of cable – Approximately 100 meters with connectors

650 feet of cable – Approximately 200 meters with connectors

1000 feet of cable – Approximately 300 meters with connectors

1650 feet of DB cable – Approximately 500 meters - for use in gas and oil wells

2000 feet of DB cable – Approximately 600 meters - for use in gas and oil wells



Camera Selection - Choose one or more cameras

Jr Plastic Color camera– 1 5/8 inch diameter 1000 ft depth – 8 LEDs

Jr Plastic Black and White camera - 1 5/8 inch diameter –1000 ft. depth 8 LEDs

Standard Stainless Steel Color camera - 1 5/8 inch Diameter  2000 ft – 8 LEDs

This camera is available with the ultra low light black and white module

Nano Stainless Steel Color camera – 3/4 inch diameter 2000 ft depth – 6 LEDs

Dual Scan Micro - Color stainless steel camera – 1 1/8 “ diameter (GVJR-1246) - 2YW

Pan Tilt

Motorized Pan and Tilt - The pan and tilt component is 1 Ύ inch diameter - 2000 ft depth and used with Jr and Standard cameras only.

Motorized Pan-tilt-(Steel Transmission) 1Ύ inch diameter- St/Jr cameras only2YW

Monitor  Record

Optional Monitor and/or Recorder Selection – Choose none, one, or more

7 inch LCD color monitor – Includes sun shade and mounting bracket

7 Inch LCD High Resolution and high Brightness color monitor – Sun shade and bracket 

Sony DVD recorder GV-HD700

General Options and Supplemental Lights

General Options - Choose none, one, or more

Super Eight Light 2000 with 8 modified Mini Maglites - bracket assembly  2000 feet

Super Eight Light 2000 – bracket only

Adjustable Super Eight Light 2000 – 8 modified Mini Maglites and bracket  2000 feet

Adjustable Super Eight Light 2000 - bracket only

Bracket for single Mini Maglite

Mini Maglite 3 watt LED - Modified to a maximum depth of 2000 feet underwater

Mini Maglite 3 watt LED Not Modified - Limited to a maximum depth of 250 feet

Centralizer – A second centralizer may be used with the supplemental lights

Winch manual emergency hand crank

Inverter 300 Watt - true sine wave inverter – Do not use a square wave inverter.

Microphone - It is used to place verbal comments on the recording.

Motorized side looking mirror for the nano camera only - 2000 ft Depth

Side-looking mirror - Not recommended for the nano camera

Compass attachment - Not recommended for the nano camera

Tripod -

Field Repair Kit – Includes four kits for user repairs


Shipping, handling, and insurance

Customs document processing fee for shipments outside the USA


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